I’m so pissed off my head is going to explode.
Charles Barkley, not happy with Stephen Curry’s All-Star snub (via nbaoffseason)
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Monta to Milwaukee

I dont know what to make of this. I’m going to miss Monta and especially Udoh. Love watching him play. Sad that the season is over. 

Last week, I downloaded The Rivalry  by John Taylor to my Nook because I had just purchased a Wilt Chamberlain throwback jersey and decided that if I was going to wear the man’s name on my back, I should know more about him than I did at the time. I highly recommend the book, and will probably post more about it later.

But having just read that they played a song from the album Chamberlain recorded during the offseason over the loudspeakers in Hershey, PA, right before his famed 100 point game… I immediately had two thoughts: A) Wilt Chamberlain recorded an album in 1961??? and B) if the basketball gods are good, that song is on the Internet. Now, I’m not a religious man, but I present to you “By the River” by Wilt Chamberlain. 

It’s everything I hoped it would be. 

On All Stars…

Objectively speaking, the awesomeness of a pro sports all star game could be directly related to the effort level that the stars put into the game. To wit, objectively speaking, baseball has the “best” all star game among the U.S.A.’s 4 major sports. That said, the only reason that baseball players are able to give 85 - 95% in an exhibition game is because the physical requirements of baseball are so low and low risk (Pete “Freight Train” Rose notwithstanding). Swing a bat. Throw a ball. Grab your balls and get a farmer’s tan. That’s about it.

So, subjectively speaking, I would argue that seeing the NBA’s all stars give 60% in the first three quarters and 85% in the fourth is way better than baseball’s 9 innings of 90%. I have never watched any part of a hockey all star game (somebody tell me if it’s awesome), and I hesitate even to mention the charade that is the NFL’s Pro Bowl (aka the Notgoingtothesuper Bowl). Add to that the fact that the NBA’s stars are, on average, more charismatic and accessible than any other sport and you get an all star break actually worth paying attention to.

To back up my argument, think about some of the great moments in NBA all star history: Magic’s three pointer, MJ vs. Kobe, Marvin Gaye’s national anthem, Isaiah Thomas’ anit-MJ campaign. Even just last year, the competition between Lebron and Kobe was so fun to watch specifically because you never expect the game to get very competitive… but it almost always does.

TL;DR I’m psyched about this weekend.


It’s officially time to stop watching ESPN forever.

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This is why I freaking love the freaking Warriors.

GOTW Miami at Atlanta 2/12/12

Greg: Miami 90 - Atlanta 98

Overview: Lock. Down. D. The Hawks are athletic enough and intelligent to slow Miami on the break and stop them in the half court. I know that the Heat stole one from ATL when Lebron and DWade were in suits, but sometimes losing your stars makes you play just that much harder. Look at the Knicks!

Most Exciting Matchup: Josh Smith vs. Lebron James. Lebron is quite clearly the superior player, but few things are as fun to watch as two crazy athletic forwards go head to head.

Least Exciting Matchup; As with last weeks game, the big men are not where the action is at. In a guard driven league, Ivan Johnson and Joel Anthony are not going to make many headlines.

Most Lopsided Matchup: Jeff Teague is gonna run circles around the Heat’s rotation of point guards.

Wild Card: Joe Johnson. The All-Star can pour it in, but he’s streaky.

Bold Prediction: Lebron James will. not. dunk.

Derek: Miami 108- Atlanta 100

Overview: In this battle of the southeast, the heat look to keep up their winning ways. With Lebron making news in other ways besides his on court performances, look for him to take out his frustration on the hawks.

Most exciting matchup: Joe Johnson vs. Dwade. In this battle of soft spoken shooting guards, this game is going to come down to which one of these two can get hot.

Most lopsided matchup: Lebron vs. Chris Bosh. If Lebron can recognize that Bosh is a matchup nightmare for the Hawks and get the ball to him early, this game is going to be over quickly.

Least exciting matchup: The pg’s. Who vs. who? Who cares.

Wild card: Shane “the forehead” Battier. Gotta love the way this Dukie has created his niche in the league as a lockdown defender and deadeye 3point shooter. If he can get going, he’ll have a big impact.

Bold prediction: Josh Smith will break both backboards.